Water – A Key to Your Success

I’m sure you have heard this a million times but water really is an important factor in achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.  I have been using a food journal lately and one thing that I noticed about my habits is that when I don’t have enough water I binge.  I can’t say enough about the importance of keeping a food journal for a week or so.  This helps you track your progress along with seeing what meals work for you.  My food journal tracking was very basic – time of meal along with meal description as well as time and type of workout.  I noted when I would binge and overwhelmingly the reason was lack of water.

I typically start my day with one glass of water prior to eating anything.  Throughout the day I drink nothing but water although I do have one cup of coffee after eating my breakfast.  I don’t drink the coffee for energy but because I enjoy the taste.  I decreased my consumption to one cup a day and I enjoy it with some liquid vanilla stevia and organic half and half so it is about 40 calories – not bad.  Side note: I find that having a green smoothie in the mornings yields the most energy.

Do you drink bottled water?  I don’t very often.  I find that the Brita Classic Water Pitcher works perfectly and I love it.  We used to spend so much on bottled water but now we save so much and still have great tasting water.  Not to mention the convenience of this type of product – just fill it with cold water from the tap and that’s it.  When I leave the house I usually fill up my water bottle and take it with me.  It is a simple BPA free 24 ounce water bottle.

Have you heard all of the rage about alkaline water?  My husband and mom actually introduced it to me although I had heard some ramblings about it.  My mom purchased this IonPod for me and I like it.  It is supposed to filter the water and turn it alkaline.  I’m not sure if it works because I haven’t tested the water but it does taste good.  You can just add some fresh lemon juice to your water to adjust the alkalinity according to many sources.

All of this to say that water is most definitely a main contributor to successfully staying on track so drink up and you’ll be even closer to reaching your goals.  Water keeps you full and satisfied along helping to curb those cravings.