Sulfur or Rotten Egg Burps: Causes and Home Remedies

We have all experienced burps a few times in our lives. It is a normal thing to experience. However, some burps are just different from the others. One such burp is called Sulfur Burp or Rotten Egg Burps. What is this?

What is a Sulfur Burp or Rotten Egg Burp?

Burping is a normal bodily process. Every individual alive burp. This is because gases are created in the stomach to aid digestion. This is a body reaction is completely normal and safe. Often your burp will take on the smell of the last food that you have consumed. When you experience sulfur burps, your body produced gas from the food protein that may contain sulfur. As there are microbes found in the digestive tract, the sulfur is broken down and released as gas. This is known as hydrogen sulfide gas. If such process took place, a sulfur burp may be expected. As such, the burp would smell like sulfur or a rotten egg. This can be very annoying for others, probably even embarrassing.

So, what are causes?

The causes of sulfur burps are completely simple. Most of the causes can be fixed easily although there may be more complicated causes needing the aid of a medical practitioner to be solved. Some of these causes may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Foods

The food that you eat may contribute to your sulfur burp, as some foods may contain sulfur. This may then be broken down releasing hydrogen sulfide gas. Some of these foods include:

  • Poultry
  • Red meat
  • Eggs
  • Preservatives
  • Some fruits and vegetables
  • Dairies
  • Legumes
  • Coffee and tea
  • Grains
  • Supplements (Vitamin B and Amino Acid)
  • Digestive Tract Infections

Some infections in the digestive tract brought about by Giardia lamblia and H. Pylori could also cause sulfur burp. Sometimes overgrowth of the normal flora of the body could also cause this rotten-egg smell. This is especially true for people who are fructose intolerant and lactose intolerant.

  • Poor or Inadequate Diet

Another contributing factor to sulfur burp is poor or inadequate diet. If you like to eat very quickly or like to eat a lot of the food that causes to have high sulfur amounts in the body, you are likely to experience sulfur burps. Eating too quickly will make you accumulate air. On the other hand, if you consume too many proteins, sulfur gas may be formed in your stomach.

  • Chronic Health Problems and Medications

Chronic health problems such as Crohn’s Disease, Pancreatitis, Celiac Disease, Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (GERD), Gastroparesis, Pyloric Stenosis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome may also cause sulfur burp due to the medications or food that you will be taking. In this light, you could inquire from your doctor to ask for alternatives to avoid having the smell of a rotten egg.

How to Get Rid of Sulfur Burps

Getting rid of these sulfur-tasting burps is not that difficult in most cases. You may just need to do some lifestyle, habit, and diet modifications. Here are a few tips to help get rid of your sulphur belching.

  • Proper Eating

As simple as it sounds, eating the right kind of food in the right way could help in getting rid of your sulfur (sulphur) burps. Avoid food that has high sulfur in them. At the least, reduce the amounts. Increase your fiber intake by eating fiber rich foods such as papaya, apples, and brown rice. Consume lots of water with your meals to help flush out the excess sulfur in your body. In addition, try to eat slowly so as not to collect too much air with your food.

  • Avoid large heavy meals

Though it might feel enjoyable to have a full stomach after eating, this is not good for you. This habits puts your stomach in a lot of pressure and in the long haul, it may lead to major health issues. Taking light meals can help in aiding digestion better, thereby reducing the occurrence of sulfur burps in the process.

  • Say “No” to Sugary Foods

Sugary foods cause belching that smell like rotten eggs . Obviously removing the sweets in your diet can resolve sulfur burps. If you cannot totally remove these, try to go slow and reduce them little by little, until you are used to not consuming any at all.

  • Do not consume canned foods

Canned foods contain preservatives that help produce sulfur in the body. They also have little to no fiber in them. No fiber in your meal means no sulfur sweepers in your digestive tract. Avoid these at all cost.

  • Steer clear from alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol causes this kind of gas too. To prevent the sulfur burp, drink your alcohol moderately. If you can remove it entirely in your system as it also poses other major threats to your health.

Home Remedies for Sulfur Burps

Aside from the methods provided, you can also make use of home remedies to get rid of your egg burps. Some of these home remedies include:

  • Water

Consuming lots of water can help in flushing away excess sulfur in your body. It can also protect your stomach from bacterial infections as well as solve bad breath caused by sulfur burps. Other alternatives that you can drink can be:

  • Lemon Water Plus Honey

You can also try drinking this mix. You can do this by preparing warm water in a mug. Add in some squeeze lemon juice from a lemon half. Add in honey, about a teaspoon of it just to sweeten the mix. Drink this in the mornings to help cleanse the sulfur and other toxins in your body. If you do not have lemon, you can also replace it with lime.

  • Green Tea, Chamomile Tea, Peppermint Tea, Ginger Tea, Apple Cider

Drinking teas are good natural remedies for sulphur belching. Take it after eating for improved digestion. It can even eliminate other toxins in your body and improve your immune system as well.

  • Pepto Bismol™

Pepto Bismol™ is a stomach medication, usually pink in color, used to solve tummy aches. Taking this can help in relaxing your stomach as well as calm down sulfur burps. It can also possibly collect sulfites and remove them out from your digestive tract.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is known to counterbalance or neutralize the gas and acids produced in your stomach. You can use baking soda to combat sulfur burps by mixing a tablespoon of it in a cup of water. Mix it well and drink it. Take note that you may throw up or burp upon drinking it. But you will feel good after the gas completely passes, which just takes a few minutes.

  • Seltzer Water

You may also drink up seltzer water to help burp away gases in your tummy. This water can flush your digestive tracts clean. You may also include some cranberry juice to make it more delicious. Drink it after eating.

  • Olive Oil

Mixing olive oil in your meals can help prevent the egg burp and gas. Add in a few drops in your dishes to effectively halt sulfur burps. This is very simple as well as affordable.

Other Medical Treatment

If home and natural remedies were not working well for you, it would be advisable to see a doctor. Other things that you need to look out for would be if you have persistent diarrhea or vomiting with your sulfur burps. If such cases are experienced, immediately seek professional help to prevent major consequences. Diarrhea and vomiting may be caused by parasitic or bacterial infections and these need prompt medical treatment.

Overall, sulfur burps are not really harmful. However, they may be annoying and embarrassing especially if you burped with other people around. That said, the remedies for the condition are not very difficult to follow so curing it is easy. You may just need dedication and patience in doing so.