Stepper Machines for Boosting Fitness

If you are serious about exercising to lose weight, then one of the better ways of doing this as a part of your work out routine is to use a stepper machine. It is a great way to tone up your legs and help your body to burn off the excess calories and also do some serious fat burning while you’re about it. Here is some information on what the are and how they work:

What is a Stepper Machine?

Steppers are small, often lightweight machines that you simply place both feet on and step up and down on. They come in a variety of formats from very basic mini steppers which are just the two steps that you stand on to do the exercise, up to twist steppers which twist as you step, to larger models with electric motors for varied resistance and speeds and some models with ski-pole arms that you use to exercise your arms with while you step.

How Does a Stepper Work?

They create resistance forcing your leg muscles to work hard stepping for as long as you can stand it. It is a little like walking up a flight of steep stairs, where your legs have to work to push your body weight upwards, except with a stepper machine you stay in one place.

With a variety of types you can vary your exercises. These include twist steppers that create a twisting step action to exercise different leg muscles and those with arm extensions so that you can also exercise your arms in a similar way to walking with skis and poles. We have direct links to several top quality stepper machines that you can buy online at very nice prices from established online vendors such as Amazon, along with reviews of the products to help you decide that they are right for you.

Types of Stepper Machine

There are several types for stepper that work along the same principle but also incorporate a twist action to increase the work on your tummy to firm up those muscles better, or include ski-pole handles so you can emulate a skiing action to help work your arms and tighten up flabby upper arms. We have several models reviewed on this site which are available to buy from top online vendors such as Amazon at discounted prices.