Sore in Nose: Around, Inside, Pictures, Causes and Home Remedies

When we say sores or sores it means there is inflammation, swelling or lesion. Many parts of our body get sores sometimes but rare of us knows that there is also what we call “Sore in Nose”. Most nasal sores are normal when you cried or when you had fever or flu. Sores inside the nose could cause pain, itchiness, discomfort, it might bleed when scratch and it is annoying. There are a lot of reasons why there are painful sores or bumps inside our nose. It could be viruses, bacteria’s or small wounds after scratching. Sometimes the sore is a pimple. Most common reason of sores inside the nose is the herpes virus, folliculitis, allergies or impetigo in the nasal.

Sore in Nose Pictures:

What are Causes?

There are a lot of factors about what causes our nose to sore. Good thing we have a list of what are the common causes so that you can avoid it in the near future. Allergies – We get allergies when our body reacts to substances that either enter or come in contact with our body. This substance is called and Allergen. When we smell allergens and our hypersensitive immune response is negative, it would end up having problem in our nose. Some people are allergic to food, when their body reacts, the soreness of their body would run to the nose also. Others get nasal sores when taking in too much nasal sprays – it causes irritation and would end up in soreness.

  • Nose Dryness – Lack of water in the body causes our nose to dry. This then causes discomfort and irritation. It would leave our noses cracks and would end up being a wound. If the wound will be infected due to sever dryness, it could cause more serious problems that just sore scab in the nose.
  • Infection by Bacteria’s – We can never say that we are safe with any bacteria. Our Body has good and bad bacteria’s. Sadly, outside our body have a lot of bad bacteria. These bad bacteria’s enter our noses and would cause problem because our noses trills tries to hold the bacteria sin entering our body. Once this bacterium’s that stays inside our nose are nurtured or may enter pores inside our nose, it would cause inflammation and infection.
  • Impetigo – This bacterial infection attacks children most of the time. This bacteria normally goes inside the pores of our skin, if the area or the part of the skin that is affected in around the face, there is a big chance if would reach the outer or inner nose area. Impetigo will spread in your body. This infection has water inside the blisters that would move from one pore to another and is actually contagious.
  • Wounds, Cuts, scratches – There are many ways or reason that you will get a cut, wound or scratches in your nose. The most popular one is the scratch. Sometime we are unaware that we scratch our noses. Nose can anytime by itchy or we might feel that something inside our nose is not right. So as a quick response, we insert a finger and scratch it off our get something that is causing the discomfort. So much of this causes a Wound, Cut or scratch that would lead to problems or infections.
  • Nasal hair follicles Infection – is medically called Folliculitis could be one of the reasons why you have nose soreness. This also means that your hair follicles are inflamed. This normally happens when you have a habit or cutting or trimming your nose hairs.
  • Herpes Simplex Virus – Herpes is actually a bacterial infection inside your mouth. But remember that we inhale and exhale using both our mouth and nose. Our mouth and nose is connected. This virus is called “herpes simplex virus-1”. We must be away that when we have a Herpes Simplex Virus in our mouths, there is a huge possibility that it would cause problem to our nose. The bacteria or virus from our mouth would spread to the nose and would cause infection.

How to Treat with Home Remedies?

As always, Science does find a cure on our illnesses and health problems. Below is the list of what you can do when you have sore in nose:

  • Use ointments or antibacterial creams that can help cure the inflammation, swelling, itchiness, etc.
  • Avoid picking or scratching your nose
  • Sometimes the healthier the food we eat, the better the nose will be
  • Always sanitize your hands
  • Drink a lot of water to avoid dryness
  • Don’t self-medicate or just take antibiotics when you have inflammation or sore in your nose
  • Drink or eat food with more on probiotics
  • Make sure when you wash your face, you rinse the inside part of your nose also.
  • Eat less sweets
  • Make sure to get breathe fresh air and get some sun exposure


Most of the sore in nose are not harmful and just heals. But when cases like you cannot tolerate the pain, the swelling or inflammation is too much, the inflammation cause changes on your nose appearance, you cannot inhale through your nose properly or anything that is severe, you need to contact or go to your doctor for a checkup.