Slimquick Review

I want to increase my metabolism, suppress my appetite and lose some weight. I’ve read some reviews about Slimquick that say that this supplement may not be the best one out there for women. There are other reviews that say it is effective. So, what is true? Every diet pill out there is going to have its pros and cons. Slim Quick promotes four products that are a benefit to a woman’s specific needs. The ingredients include green tea , calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, South African hoodia gordonii, ginseng, and caffeine.

I know for sure that calcium and vitamin D are essential for a woman to be healthy. We all need calcium to maintain strong bones. Without strong bones, we are going to find it quite difficult to exercise and maintain the stamina we need to lose weight. Caffeine on the other hand, this can cause some side effects in people, causing a jittery feeling, nausea, a feeling that your heart is about ready to pound itself right out of your body. Slim Quick explains to its potential users that along with the weight loss pill, a healthy diet and exercise need to accompany the product.