Rotten Teeth: Pictures, Causes, Symptoms and How to Treat

A smile is considered as one of your best attributes. It lights up your entire face especially if you show your pearly white teeth. But more often than not, some people do not like to show their teeth when smiling. It may be a preference, but mostly it is because of the insecurity brought by having rotten teeth. Infected teeth may cause your confidence to deter, and it is especially unhelpful for some jobs. It is one of the most common advice that we have to take care of your teeth from the start. The teeth that you have indicates how healthy you are and it is imperative to have them checked and practice proper hygiene.

Pictures of Rotten Teeth

rotten teeth pics

What Causes Rotten Teeth?

No one ever wishes rotten teeth. It may generate even bigger problems for you and have it may let you lose some confidence since it affects your appearance directly. It is important to know the cause of this to make sure that it will be addressed correctly.

  • Declining health

If you have a weak immune system, rotten teeth may occur. It is because your body could not function properly thus, not being able to supply the needed nutrients to some part of your body, including the teeth.

  • Poor hygiene

The leading cause of this decay is related to how you clean your teeth and how you maintain it. Nit brushing them regularly, and poor health may cause these teeth to be rotten.

  • Bacterial infection

It is a fact that if you do not clean your teeth, bacteria will make a home inside it. They would cause your teeth to decay causing them to appear black and even produce pain.

  • Consuming too much sweetness

Eating something sweet is not bad at all, but if you do it too much, it may lead to cavities. It is important to rinse thoroughly after consuming sweet things. This method will help take away the substance that will cause your teeth to rot.

  • Too many acids

Acidic food intake can also cause these teeth decay. You have to stabilize and keep your acid intake to a minimal.

  • Your mouth is dry

If you have relatively low saliva production, you have a dry mouth. Saliva is needed to keep the moisture of your teeth. The absence of the correct amount of saliva also causes decay.

Symptoms of Rotten Teeth

It is essential that we notice the symptoms of having a decaying teeth. Knowing these will be able you to prepare the important things not further to escalate it to a severe decay.

  • Awful breath odor

Since your teeth are decaying, the bacteria are reigning in it, resulting to bad breath. It gives off an awful smell regardless of how you try to brush your teeth or take in mouthwash.

  • Blackening teeth

The teeth should be pearly white to be deemed as healthy so if you see blackening in your teeth, it is an indication that it is starting to decay.

  • Falling off of teeth

The decay destroys the strength holding the teeth in your gums. It can first cause them to be unsteady and eventually falling off.

  • Change of size

When your teeth are filled with bacteria, the slowly till it out making it thinner and smaller. It may even cause them to feel sharp.

  • Sensitivity and swelling

Drinking and eating something cold may become a chore and you may experience swelling of gums during the decay of your teeth. These can cause pain and an uncomfortable feeling.

How to Treat

Preventing the rotting of the teeth is important. However, if they are already rotting, we have to take the necessary actions to fix it.

  • Consistent Hygiene

If the damage is still minimal, proper hygiene is the key. You have to be dedicated to brushing and flossing and making sure that you are eating correctly.

  • Fillings

If the bacteria and decay have eroded the enamel part of the teeth, fillers may be necessary. It will keep the decay from progressing by filling it with materials such as porcelain.

  • Fluoride remedy

This treatment may come in gel, varnish, and foam just to name a few. This procedure is done when the rotten teeth are still in its early pace.

  • Crowns

Having a crown would be advised if the teeth are already weak and need a sturdy support for it to be fixed. Crowns cane be in the form of porcelain among others.

  • Extraction of tooth

This is the last resort if the method above will not work. This is when the teeth could not be saved anymore. This procedure usually happens when the decay is too severe, and the tooth is too weak to recover.

Pearly white teeth will be able to give you the confidence boost that you might just need. It provides so many advantages and most of all it keeps you healthy. We may take our teeth for granted, but it is our responsibility to make sure that they are its best. They give us the best smiles.