Rescue Center

Dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, the Santa Martha Rescue Centre is a sanctuary for animals rescued from illegal or unhealthy situations here in Ecuador, South America. Operated since 2001, the center is owned by Johnny and Brenda Cordova, and is located on his farm, a dairy farm about 65 acres an hour south of Quito, in the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”.

Johnny and Brenda founded the center when they found 19 badly mistreated capuchin monkeys for sale in the street! These beautiful wild animals had spent their days in captivity in tiny cages without food or water, incontinent, very frightened and severely malnourished. Alarmed and horrified by this terrible reality, they decided they should do something for these and many other animals in the same situations. The fact that there was no organization for animal welfare foundation that they could not contact it difficult duty. But even so themselves, without anyone guide them, began to save animals. As a result, the Santa Martha Rescue Centre was opened at his ranch and growing every day to accommodate a wide variety of animals that need shelter and rehabilitation.

Santa Martha is closely linked with the national police organization (UPMA) to enhance the development and hardening of legislation affecting the wildlife of Ecuador. Examples are illegally confiscating animals in captivity, and a strict sentence for people who are peddling or selling such animals. Unfortunately these acts are still too common day in Ecuador and South America in general.

Another very important aspect of Santa Martha is raising community awareness. School visits are an important part of our effort to help educate the local community, especially children. Santa Martha believes with certainty that a well-informed community will be less tolerant animal traffic. Those who come to understand the needs and rights of animals likely to be less accommodating of them in poor condition.

Sadly, in too little time, Santa Martha has grown dramatically, and we realize that the help they need is greater than we had ever imagined. Trying never turn our backs on any animal, Santa Martha has become the main center for animal rescue in Ecuador, and unfortunately Johnny Brenda and feel constantly sought to rescue more and more animals. As a result, Santa Martha quasi operates always on the edge of their limits and it is only thanks to the good work of so many wonderful volunteers that Santa Martha was able to save many animals.

A consequence of the alarming increase, the need for releasing one’s own center appeared more apparent than ever. Constantly faced with the problem of where to relocate our animals after rehabilitation in Santa Martha. From here came the opportunity to work with an indigenous community in the Amazon, and in 2006 we opened Santa Martha Flower Amazon. It is a new rescue center located in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador with space, structures and appropriate methods to free our animal nature. Through this partnership the aim of Santa Martha is helping indigenous communities as much as possible and simultaneously release all the animals we can in this beautiful part of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Despite his Santa Martha precipitate growth is based on a great love and respect for the animal kingdom. It is an NGO (non governamental organization) which means that to stay in business depends entirely on its volunteers and other donations. Although we work with the government, police and other organizations, we do not receive any funds from you.

Clarify and emphasize that Santa Martha is not a zoo is very important for animals. We are here to help rehabilitate animals, and this means interfere with them as little as possible. However, interested persons may occasionally visit the center and see the great work we do. Since we did not receive financial support from abroad, we ask for a donation of $ 10 per person, and any additional donations will be very grateful. If you are interested it is important to call ahead, or via email to ensure you can receive your sight.