Prostate Milking: How to, Tips & Benefits


The first milestone we could have in understanding prostrate milking would be grasping all available information about it. Prostate milking might be new to many but with full awareness and knowledge about it, we can maximize the benefits it could give.

However, there is a popping question. What is it? To others, it may be known as therapeutic prostate massage. It is the stimulation of a male’s prostate gland. Unknown unto many, this kind of gland takes a vital role in a man’s life, not only for sexual purposes but also for his very own well-being.

Benefits of Prostate Milking

First question after knowing about the milking would be, why? There are countless reasons to do it.

There are several reasons and here are some of the significant rationales:

  1. It is done for medical purposes and/or examinations

It is no surprise that the first reason would be for medical purposes. Prostate massage is actually a part of Prostate Digital Examination (PDE). It is to detect prostate cancer nodules and obtaining prostatic secretion (EPS) specimen for prostatitis screening.

  1. It improves prostate health

It reduces risks of cancer and a variety of prostate problem. However, it is not advised to perform the milking if a man already has cancer for it increases risks of spreading cancer cells to the other parts of the body. Moreover, it should never be done on someone who has an acute prostatitis as it can also spread infection elsewhere in the body.

  1. It gives more thrills for partners

Life is too short not to seize every moment. For couples experimenting, this would be a great way to explore. It enhances intimacy by working your way to that walnut-sized gland under men’s bladder. In addition, it brings a lot of sensation that could boost testosterone level.

  1. It’s not only healthy but also clean

Doing this procedure keeps the prostate gland clean while the oxygen and nutrients pave its way through the gland it flushes out toxins and dirt. What’s more, it secretes semi-fluid that reduces pain that you might have. Plus, by keeping it clean, it reduces the development of further prostate disorders.

  1. It is completely natural

One of its advantages is that such type of milking is entirely natural. It could be easily performed and it has been effective in dealing with prostate issues. Also, there are no risks of having potential side effects compared to taking in some drugs or medications.

How to Milk the Prostate at Home

Now that you are well aware of this milking, you are now ready to carry out the procedure even without seeking a professional help from doctors. Solely, this technique is for also therapeutic purposes yet delicate. And it needs proper amount of care as failing to do so might lead to serious problem such as breaking of membranes that would lead to permanent damage.

There are two ways on how to milk prostate: the internal prostate and external prostate massage. It actually depends on the individual which method they prefer.

Internal Prostate Massage:

This could be done alone or with a partner as prostate milking is not for sexual experience alone. It is also done to keep men’s health well as performing it essentially increases blood flow in your body.

  1. Keep it clean.

You may feel or experience the urge to defecate since it would stimulate the area. Thus, feces or stool might easily pass through the anus. Just make sure you have defecated before performing the procedure. Also, make sure the giver has trimmed nails and clean hands. It is also strongly advisable to wear latex gloves with a water based lubricant as it would help your fingers be inserted easier.

A hot shower or a massage will help ease your muscles. Finding a relaxing position would also be helpful.

  1. Slowly but surely.

Lower body muscles are tensed and stiff. Again, relax and try not to think too much as the giver insert a finger into the anal canal. Move your finger slowly and gently as your body gets used to the new sensation. You need at least 5 minutes for the muscle to relax.

  1. Work your way to the gland.

Find the prostate gland; it is the size of a large walnut-shaped like a small round ball. Massage it gently as it is really sensitive. Make sure not to put too much pressure as it may cause infection or damage with the membrane.

  1. It does not always happen.

In rare cases, some men do not ejaculate but don’t be discouraged as there is always a next time. With others that had a release and dispensed a lot of prostatic fluid, it is normal. With or without erection, it is healthy.

External Prostate Massage:

This could be done in two ways such as direct pressure and gentle massage of the perineum. Perineum is commonly known as the male g-spot. Perineum is the region between the anus and the scrotum. You can do this with fingers; in this case, the giver may use essential oil to make the massage easier and more comfortable for the receiver. However, there are also some alternatives like devices specially built to massage the prostate. They are specifically designed to imitate prostate milking.


  1. Precaution

Nothing will go wrong by doing it with caution. There are a lot of membranes at risk if not done properly so it is really important to do it with care. In addition, men who are suffering from prostate disorder should consult their doctors first if they are allowed to do such procedure.

  1. Be Gentle

Whatever purpose in mind whether therapeutic or for sexual purposes do not forget to be careful. Problems may arise if not done carefully so it is important to remind the giver about performing it gently.

  1. Enjoy

Instead of overthinking or letting anxiety take over, try to enjoy the moment as not all are valiant enough to attempt and/or do it. In fact, it can be perceived as a pleasurable and intimate moment with your partner.


Now that you know about how to milk the prostate correctly, the process along-side with all the incredible benefits and impressive elements of prostate milking, are you bold enough to take a huge leap to try it? And also, there are various videos and other sources in which an individual can learn on how to give proper method to milk the prostate. You can explore as long as you still consider some safety measures mentioned.