Poison ivy contagious

In the world of plants and vegetations there are many exceptional plants which are said to be differentiated by their nature. However in many cases there are plants which can be said to be more of medicinal use rather than that of causing hurt to any person. However in many cases there are such plants which are poisonous and can have adverse impacts when these come into contact with human body. Among many one called as Toxicodendron radicans which is popularly referred to as poison ivy is a poisonous which is found in North American region. This plant is known for production of special kind of urshiol which a colorless liquid found in the sap of this plant. Most of the experts worldwide consider its contagious however there are slight contradictions to the assumption.

Those who are in favor of considering it to be a contagious plant they say that its liquid material urshiol is poisonous and causes itching rashes in those people who touch it. however there are more supporters than opponents calling this plant to contagious. As more than seventy five percent to of people who come in contact with this liquid are said to have felt allergic reactions which is said to be causing itching rashes on human body. However degrees of allergic reactions may vary from higher to lower extent. Those people who come in direct contact with liquidized may face severe itching rashes on body.

In this plant all parts of the plant are said to have secrete poisonous substance, urushiol in all parts of plant body in leaves, vine and roots. Among many people who said to have asked poison ivy contagious often fear the fact that they may face several of allergic reaction causing itching rashes to those parts of the body which come in contact with the body. However in many cases this is also feasible that disease is not even a little contagious as most of the urushiol is absorbed into human skin. The abnormal situation may prevail as long as there is urushiol has not been absorbed completely into skin of the body. However it is also said that if that oil is present in clothes even in minute quantities can cause itching rashes into people coming in contact with their clothes.

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