MPV Blood Test Low

MPV Is typically include in all the tests of blood samples of patients. MPV stands for Mean Platelet Volume and is used to measure blood platelets’ average size. It helps in figuring out the current condition of the bone marrow if an increased number of blood platelets are reported by the test including MPV. So this test can help in finding out the normal or abnormal working of bone marrow which is an important part of diagnosis that is done in order to detect any disease or abnormality related to blood. If this test shows high value, it means the production of blood platelets is more than normal and MPV low in your blood test shows less than normal production of blood platelets in the body of the patient.

You all must be aware of the three major components of human blood that are Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Blood Platelets. All the three play vital functions in human body and any increase or decrease from normal value indicates some abnormality associated which if overlooked or not treated for long, may prove to be fatal. Blood platelets play a very important role in the clotting of blood. When there is even a slight cut or rupture in any of artery, vein, tissue or any other part of body, the blood platelets aggregate at the spot and the process of clotting starts. If a person is suffering from some severe problems in the production of blood platelets, an MPV blood test low is reported.

There is another way of testing blood platelet count that is by simply counting the platelet in the laboratory. But MPV is more effective and more subtle. The advantage of carrying out an MPV is that it helps the doctor to detect any problem associated with low platelet count before the problem even shows up to be appearing. This is because of the fact that the platelets that are formed new are larger than the older ones. So if there is not registered a low volume of platelets in the blood, but an MPV blood test low is reported, it can be detected that there is taking place the production of newer platelets in the blood. This type of result shows that there may be starting a severe problem associated with the bone marrow. The normal MPV measurement shows a reading between 5.0 and 15.0 Femtoliters. A femtroliter is equal to one quadrillion of a liter. Usually a problem is not based on a single factor, there are some other factors in conjunct with the MPV that together determine the problem.