Is it possible to grow a new prostate using stem cells?


I had a prostatectomy.  I heard about growing a new prostate using stem cells and it is functional now.  Do you know about this procedure?


It is a very interesting question; however, it sounds a little bit futuristic at this time.

There is no research in humans right now that has been published and shown that prostate can be regrown and in fact implanted into individuals and the prostate  will have the similar function that then it had  originally.

While the concept is feasible, however, the technology has not caught up, but we do know at this point that the prostate stem cells have been used to grow in mice and they have been able to be differentiated into glans tissue and this has been done what is called in vitro, which is in the laboratory.

This is a promising research that has been published by investigators in San Francisco recently and those investigations showed that some of the markers in those mice stem cells are shared in human stem cells, therefore it is possible that in the future we could grow those prostate stem cells and hopefully down the road organs, but that is not feasible at the present time.