How Will Laser Ingrown Hair Removal Treatment Affect Your Tattoo

You have a beautiful tattoo on your arm, but unfortunately the hair over there dilutes its magnificence. Hair removal is best in such a case, however laser hair removal isn’t a good idea. This is because the process creates trouble often leading to the tattoo removal also.  Seldom this treatment leads to fading and sometimes disfiguring of the tattoo. The reason behind the problems is that the hair removal lasers are of much higher energy than the one ones used for tattoo removal and thus these lasers cause the tattoo to burn.  Before this article you should know there are other remedies for ingrown hair that can’t affect your tattoo. However, if the laser hair removal is done prior the tattoo then these problems can be avoided.

Few other issue related to laser hair removal over your tattoo are mentioned below.

Irritation of the skin: This is the most common problem faced by people who carry on laser hair removal on an area, which already has a tattoo. The main reason for this irritation is due to pimples, which grow on the hair that is inward, and once the hair is removed by laser treatment these pimples are crushed. If the pimples are near the tattoo then it disfigures the tattoo. Also the irritation may cause scarring around the tattoo also making the tattoo look worse.

Change of skin color: It is often seen and even proved by clinical researches that a side effect of laser treatment on hair is a change in the skin color of a person. Hair removal by this process either makes the skin lighter or darker. Often after the laser treatment the tattooed skin becomes darker. This change of skin color can damage the tattoo also. However, such a disaster can be avoided when expert professionals do tattoo.

Infection: The most problematic effect of laser hair removal treatment on the tattooed area is the infection of the skin. According to experts such an infection is quite common as the hair removal can cause itching and often itching can break the skin. This often leads to bacterial infections. A side effect of laser hair removal is scabbing and when it is scratched it can cause this bacterial infection in the skin.

Fading of tattoo: Many people complain that due to lack of experience on the part of the technicians often just after the laser hair removal treatment tattooed area is covered with blisters. Often even after the blisters have healed the tattoo does not remain the same. The color of the tattoo considerably changes after the blisters are healed.

Things that can be done for keeping the tattoo safe:

  1. It is better always to avoid the area which has the tattoo because there are always chances that the tattoo would get damaged sooner or later
  2. Ask the laser hair removal expert whether the treatment would affect the tattoos.
  3. Go for electrolysis instead of laser because though it is expensive it ensures the safety of the skin. Also this treatment is considered to be the safest for those who have tattoos since they never cause blisters and are very good on tattoos.

Thus it is advisable that the laser hair removal treatment should be done before the tattoo is made. Also it is better to seek such expert tattoo artist who would ensure that the tattoo would not be damaged to be infected and care would be taken to see that the area surrounding the tattoo is unscathed.

The information provided here would help people know about the damage that can be caused due to laser hair removal treatment on their tattoo, so that anyone going for the treatment can decide what to do before exposing their tattoo treatment.