How to make an excellent cup of coffee

Making the perfect cup of coffee is a pursuit. A pursuit of instant pleasure and satisfaction that will give you the best boost to start your day. This quest has made passionate, many people all around the world. The coffee specialists are the most dedicated, trying to find the right brewing way that will give us the most divine ever made cup of coffee.

All you have to do is to follow some easy steps.

The quality of your coffee depends mainly on the quality of your coffee beans. If you buy instant coffee, the percentage of enjoying a perfect cup is diminished. Purchase from a local coffee store of your neighborhood, were you can assure the freshness of your beans.

Acquire coffee for about one or two weeks. Do not count on storing your coffee because even the best storage method cannot guarantee the preservation of the coffee aroma. Buy whole coffee beans. The cost is just the same as buying coffee ground. However, the flavor is by far better.

As the greatest baristas claim, it is basic to grind your coffee beans just before brewing, as ground coffee tends to oxidize and deteriorate in a short time after grinding.

Choosing the right grind, depending on the coffee-maker you use, is essential to that ideal cup of coffee. For instance, if you own a drip coffee-maker, medium grind is preferable, for a French press you need coarse grind and a bit coarser for a percolator, but for an espresso maker you want fine grind.

The next step is to keep your coffee maker clean. Have you ever prepared your meal in dirty kitchen equipment? Why then prepare your coffee in a dirty coffee maker? Keeping it clean removes water mineral deposits, previous oils from past usage and further impurities that alter the taste of your coffee.

All you have to do is to take 1 part vinegar and two parts of water, pour it in your coffee maker, turn it on, and leave it until all the mixture runs through. Leave your maker rest for 15 minutes while it is off and then repeat once more. The last step is to make the same process again but this time use only plain water to eliminate all the vinegar residues and smell. Clean your coffee pot with soapy water, not just soap, and you are ready.

Some coffee experts assert that the water you use is as important as the coffee beans you buy. Natural water is full of additional minerals and chlorine that amend the flavour of your coffee. Therefore, it would be preferable to use bottled or purified water in order to achieve the perfect taste. 

In addition, you must use a specific amount of coffee in order to reach the best result. Too much coffee will make it too dark, too strong and, in reverse, too little will make it too light. The best baristas say that you must use 2 tablespoons for every six ounces of water. That is the recommended amount for a full strength coffee.

Making the perfect cup of coffee is not a dream. It is something you can make it happen on a daily basis at your place with no extra cost. Just follow these simple steps.
A tip that you must never forget is not to microwave your coffee. This will destroy the flavour and it will make your coffee taste bitter. With a few tries, you can reach the perfection. A perfection that you and only you can determine in order to suit your own likes and dislikes.