How to Freeze Fresh Fruit

If you enjoy eating fresh fruit every day, then you should learn how to freeze fruits. It is possible to enjoy the delicious flavor of fresh fruits by freezing your favorite fruits. If done the right way it is possible to maintain the flavor, color and nutritional value in frozen fruits.

Freezing fruits is a creative way of making sure that you a good supply of fresh fruit all year round. The following are basic steps on how to freeze fresh fruit.

Things that you will need

Freezer bags or freezer containers, fresh fruits, a fruit peeler or a knife, water for washing the fruit, salt

The best types of fruits for freezing

It is important for you to know the best types of fruits for freezing before you embark on this project. The fruits should be firm, fully ripened and be of high quality without any broken skin or showing signs of spoilage. Freezing fruits which are not yet fully ripe will result in having fruits which have a sour taste and flavor. You should therefore make sure that the fruits for freezing are fresh and are fully ripened.

How to prepare fresh fruit for freezing

You should wash the fruit thoroughly with cold water before freezing. You should drain the fruit well before you peel, slice or crush the fruit. When peeling the light colored fruits such as apples or pears put them in cold salt water in order to maintain maximum freshness.

Basic steps for freezing fruits

Avoid freezing fruit in glass containers which are not able to withstand freezing temperatures and as a result break. Use suitable packaging freezer containers when freezing fruit. When freezing fruit such as berries, you should spread them in a single layer on a flat cookie tray and cover them with aluminum foil and freeze them until firm before packaging them into freezer bags and returning them to the freezer for storage until needed.

When packing the fruit before freezing, you should make sure that you leave about ½ inch head-space to allow expanding process which occurs during freezing.

Filling the freezer container might lead to breaking of the seal or cover which will compromise the status of your fresh fruit. Make sure that you push out all the air if you are using freezer bags to avoid bursting of the bags during the expansion process common with freezing. Maintain the same freezing temperature when freezing fresh fruit, if you want to enjoy the true taste and flavor of your favorite fresh fruit.

After packing the fresh fruit into the freezer bags or containers you should label them clearly indicating the name of the fruit and date of freezing.When freezing fresh fruit it is advisable to pack small quantities rather than over filling the freezer bag or freezer container.

How to thaw frozen fruit

It is important for you to know how to thaw frozen fruit and enjoy it by making sure that you serve the frozen fruit before it completely thaws. You can thaw the frozen fruit by placing the container or freezer bag in a bowl of cold water. You should always eat your fresh fruit while it still contains ice crystals if you want to maintain the best flavor, taste and texture.

It is possible for you to maintain the quality of frozen fruit for at least one year; you should not freeze fruit beyond this period if you want to enjoy your fresh fruit. It is advisable for you to only thaw the quantity of frozen fruit which you are able to finish.

Avoid thawing more than you need which might require you to refreeze the fruit and as result the fruit might lose its flavor, texture and taste. You should discard any fruit which has developed a sour taste and has changed color which is highly likely to contain spoilage micro-organisms.

How to freeze cherries

You should choose fully ripe cherries which have no blemishes and are tender to touch. Wash the cherries with cold water and freeze them immediately in a freezer bag or freezer container.

How to freeze oranges

If you want to freeze oranges you should choose oranges which are ripe, free from decayed spots and are sweet. Wash and peel the oranges by removing the white inner membrane found under the peel. Save the juice which drained during the peeling process in a clean cup for later use. Cut the oranges into your desired shape and size and freeze in a freezer container covered with 40% of cold syrup in a ratio of (3) cups sugar: (4) orange juice, seal and freeze until when needed.

You can find out more about how to freeze the different types of fruit by reading books about freezing of fruits etc.