How to choose the best coffee maker

What will I do without a morning cup of coffee?  It is a mantra echoed by thousands the world over. Many people don’t truly wake up until that first cup of joe, and they want a good coffeemaker to make it for them. The following are tips for selecting the best coffee maker.

Decide what features you want

What comprises the best coffee maker will be different for different people. For instance, a single person who only wants one cup of coffee at a time and only has a small counter space might be looking for a small one-cup machine. Those  who is buying a coffee maker to service a large office will obviously be looking for something different. Their budgets are likely to be different as well. Think about what is important to you, and look for a coffee maker that boasts these features.

Read reviews

A great way to find the best coffee maker is to read the different reviews. There are different places to find these. Certain consumer organizations will actually do professional or expert reviews, which might be helpful. Another great way is to read customer reviews. You can find reviews such as this at many websites, including amazon. People can both rate the machines and give a review. You might want to more strongly consider the machines with the better ratings. For more details, read through the reviews. Sometimes a negative review is something that wouldn’t matter to you (i.e. the person complaining that the coffee maker is too small when you want a small one). Remember that the amount of reviews matter.  If a machine only got two reviews, it might not be the same score/reviews that it would have gotten with a hundred. 

Ask for recommendations

If you talk to people you know, you are probably going to find that most of them have coffee makers. You can ask people for recommendations. It would be especially good if you can find several who liked the same machine. You can also get an idea of the brand that people liked the best. Certain brands are likely to last longer and malfunction less, so this might be something that you can ask people about when looking at the coffee makers.

Look at the machines

You can go to a store and look at the machines. Someone who works at the store might have an idea of how the machines do, but be careful, especially if they are working on commission. They may have an ulterior motive for wanting to sell you a specific machine. Obviously, most people will also want to look at cost. Look at what you are getting with the more expensive machines, and see if they are worth more to you.

You want to find the coffee maker that will be the best for you. The above tips can help you make this choice.