Hot pickled peppers and pork cooked in Lodge Cookware

As the Pennsylvania Dutch proverb states: “We get too soon old and too late smart,” at least that’s how *I felt after I threw out or gave away an amazing collection of Lodge cast iron cookware, from small sauce pans to a large cast iron griddle and a corn stick muffin pan never realizing how much I would rue that action in the future.

When my mother died, and I was in charge of selling her home and its contents, I had no interest in cast iron pots. I thought they were ugly and heavy and told other relatives to help themselves to mom’s extensive collection of cast iron cookware. I was young and foolish, and I sure wish I had those pots now.

Once I realized the error of my ways, I went about trying to replace the iron cookware my mother used. First I searched for that big pot with the heavy lid in which she made so many delicious meals: stews and pot roasts, and my favorite, Hot Pickled Peppers and Pork*.

I found it in a department store and suffered when I saw the price, but realized I wouldn’t be replacing this pot again – ever! It was a Lodge brand Dutch oven and I remembered the name Lodge from my mother’s cast iron cookware.

A friend convinced me to go to Goodwill to search for cast iron cookware and I have to admit, most of my other Lodge pots came from Goodwill after that. The pots I found at Goodwill were in perfect condition, or could be restored to perfect condition with a little elbow grease.

I now own a Lodge grill/griddle, grill pan, two or three Dutch ovens in varying sizes and a half dozen frying pans from tiny to huge. They are fantastic, whether bought used or new: Lodge equals quality.

I have been burnt on a few of my Goodwill cast iron purchases, but not the ones stamped Lodge. I bought three little frying pans by Brand X and they never cured into the no-stick quality of properly seasoned Lodge cookware. I had to throw them out and remind myself to buy Lodge or don’t buy it at all – at any price!

Did you know that Lodge cookware can double for some modern day appliances?

The Lodge Dutch oven is really the original slow cooker. You can take almost any of your Crockpot recipes and use your Lodge Dutch oven, in the oven, set at a low temperature.

Have you wished for a Panini maker? Use your Lodge grill pan and a Lodge grill press and bingo, you have a fantastic Panini sandwich without purchasing the appliance.

You can use your Lodge pots and pans on the gas grill or on a campfire and Lodge will not disappoint you. Foods will cook without sticking and your pans will be as good as new even after exposure to high temperatures.

I may not have mom’s pans but I do have Lodge pans and I’ve made my daughters promise me they will cherish them after I’ve gone. I hope they don’t make the mistake I made.

Hot Pickled Peppers and Pork

Into a Lodge Dutch oven that’s on medium heat, pour about one inch of olive oil , add 5 rough chopped potatoes; 5 boneless pork chops cut into thirds; 2 large onions, chopped; 2 cloves garlic, chopped; 2 green peppers rough chopped; 4-6 jarred hot cherry peppers quartered and salt and pepper to taste

Cook ingredients with the lid off the pot, and allow mixture to cook for about five minutes before attempting to stir.

Once browned add 1/4 cup white wine and 1/2 cup chicken stock and put the lid on and turn the temperature to low. Cook for about an hour and remove lid.

Put the temperature back up to medium and boil off any extra moisture to crisp up the ingredients. Serve with a green salad and iced-tea or an ice-cold beer, as this dish has some heat to it.