Healthy eating at Mcdonalds

Are you craving a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, or a large order of fries and thinking of heading to your local McDonald’s to dine in or drive thru? Go ahead and go but think twice before you order. Forget the dripping mayonnaise and the salty fries dripping in grease and opt for some healthier choices instead. Wouldn’t a honey mustard grilled chicken snack wrap or a Southwest salad with grilled chicken satisfy your food craving as well without all the empty calories? 

McDonald’s restaurants of today offer their customers more and more healthy food choices than ever before. If you skip your standard favorites and take a closer look at the menu, it really is possible to eat reasonably healthy at McDonald’s, a concept that many would have shrugged off and laughed about a decade or two ago. 

Choose a Different Burger

Okay, let’s start with those of you who want a burger and aren’t going to settle for anything else. Well if you insist, you could downgrade from a Quarter Pounder with Cheese to a McDouble and save 120 calories and 7 grams of fat. Both sandwiches are filling and tasty, just give the switch a try on your next visit.

Another plus is the cost, a McDouble is a dollar and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is three times that or more in price. Here’s an idea if you’re a Big Mac lover, try the Mac Snack Wrap in place of the sandwich and save 210 calories and 10 grams of fat, the taste you crave in a significantly less destructive form. 

Skip the Fries

Fries and fast food restaurants go hand in hand. Yes I know, but why not take a walk on the healthy side and opt for a healthier side item like Apple Dippers, a side salad, a snack size fruit and walnut salad, or an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Substitute Grilled for Crispy

If you’re a chicken lover, almost all of McDonald’s chicken sandwiches and salads are available with grilled chicken that you can choose in place of the higher fat, higher calorie crispy version. For example, a premium crispy chicken classic sandwich has a whopping 530 calories and 20 grams of fat. Meanwhile it’s premium grilled chicken classic counterpart has 420 calories and 10 grams of fat. It’s not exactly healthy but clearly a better choice. This option is available not only on sandwiches but also on salads and snack wraps as well.

Skip the Sugar-Loaded Soda

Choose a drink like water, diet soda, iced tea, or white milk. By just taking this step, you can save a lot of extra calories and make your fast food experience a bit healthier. 

Keep Salads Healthy

Opt for low-fat dressing, grilled chicken, and dismiss the bacon to make your McDonald’s salad a healthier choice. 

McDonald’s is not generally a hangout for health nuts or those on diets but it’s not necessarily a place that you must avoid either. If you are smart and take the time to look at the menu rather than just automatically ordering your classic favorites, you can eat reasonably healthy at McDonald’s. To get started take a look at the McDonald’s Menu Item Nutrition Facts list to get yourself headed in the right direction.