Five Reasons why you should Tip in a Restaurant

Tipping at a restaurant is a gratuity. It is extra money that a person pays when he or she receives good or excellent service when eating out. There are restaurants that require a tip is left for the waiter or waitress no matter what kind of service is given. In many restaurants however tipping is the customers way of saying thank-you for good or great service. The standard tip is 15% of the final bill however if the service is exceptional a customer can tip more.

1) If the waiter or waitress is extremely efficient he or she certainly deserves a tip. It is very pleasant going to a restaurant and not having to ask for things such as a re-fill on drinks. Nothing is more annoying than going out to eat and having to ask for every little thing. It is such a pleasure to eat out and have the waiter or waitress efficiently take care of the customer’s needs.

2) Friendliness is another reason to tip. If the waiter or waitress is very friendly and congenial then a customer will want to tip him or her. It makes the whole dining experience enjoyable to have a waiter or waitress who is friendly.

3) Great food is also a reason to tip. In most restaurants the tips are shared between the cooks, people who wait the tables and those who clean the tables. If the food is extremely tasty then it is nice to leave a tip. If a customer is unsure whether or not the cook will get the tip, make sure that the management knows that the tip is being left because of the excellent food.

4) If the atmosphere is relaxing and clean it is good to tip for that reason. Some places have uncomfortable atmospheres which make customers want to hurry and eat so they can leave. If the customer feels relaxed and comfortable in the restaurant it is good to tip for atmosphere.

5) A waiter or waitress going above and beyond his or her required duties is certainly a reason to tip and one that makes most people want to leave a tip. If a waiter or waitress is extremely friendly, efficient, and also does extra things for his or her customer it is a pleasure to leave a tip.

It is always nice to tip someone who gives great service. It shows that they did a great job, and you as the customer appreciate all that they did to make your visit an enjoyable one. If a restaurant gives good service the customer is happy to leave a tip.