Drug Testing: How Long does Marijuana Stay in urine

Many employers insist that their employees pass a drug test. And they are all to know the question How Long does Marijuana Stay in urine. This drug test shows if there is marijuana in urine of the person. The employers also have the right to test the employees at any time during the employment. Most employers only test their employees at the state of employment and in the event of an accident. These drug tests are not only used for the average employee, but also to those who are given prescriptions for the drug. The use of marijuana is not accepted in any job site, although some employers will make exceptions for those who have prescriptions and will not be working on heavy machinery.

Marijuana in urine is not the only drug that these standard drug tests indicate though. The average drug test that is given by the employers also tests for other common drugs. These drugs can include heroine, cocaine, opium and prescription medicines. The standard drug tests use a small cup with a strip across the bottom of it. This small strip has indicators that interact with a variety of different chemicals that can be found in different drugs. The chemical that is used for an indicator in marijuana is THC. This is one of the two chemicals that marijuana uses to create that marijuana high. On average, the THC is higher than the other chemical CNB, which is why the THC is used for the marijuana tests.

The marijuana tests can indicate if the person has used marijuana months before the test. This is because the marijuana in urine is not depleted until up to two months after the usage stops. The marijuana in urine can be cleaned from the urine by using the detoxification kits. These kits help to flush marijuana in urine out of the body by forcing the body to expel more water. The person using the marijuana detox kits has to consume a very high level of hydrating fluids such as water to maintain the flushing process and to reduce the risks of the kit. The kits are dangerous to use because they can cause very heavy dehydration symptoms. This can cause a decrease in blood pressure and can cause serious health problems including kidney failure. These kits do not always work either, especially if the marijuana has been uses within recent times before the kit is used.