Does Slim Fast Work

Slim Fast has been around for more than 25 years as a way for people to replace meals and conveniently lose weight in an inconvenient world. The Slim Fast diet claims to control hunger for up to four hours. The Slim Fast diet consists of shakes, powder and meal bars. It involves replacing breakfast and lunch with a shake and eating a reasonable dinner. The shakes and meal bars are a great way for people to eat when they are constantly on the go. It is a quick way to get the nutrition you need to function throughout the day. They are very nutritious and contain many of the vitamins and minerals necessary in everyday diet.

Flavors of shakes include milk chocolate, rich chocolate, strawberries and cream, vanilla and cappuccino. On their Website, they have instituted tools to help customers lose weight. These tools include helping people choose low-calorie meals, BMI calculator, weigh-ins and guides to eating healthy. They also offer support with a community of other people who are working to lose weight as well.

In addition to all of this, Slim Fast encourages their customers to exercise and drink lots of water for their results. On their Website, they have a section devoted to activities and instructions on how to get started using a step counter. It explains all the benefits (besides losing weight) of exercise and has suggestions of how to ease into it if you have never done it before.

When done correctly, the diet can work. Overweight people who stick with the program and exercise along with the diet have been shown to lose weight. One study shows that after 10 years, people who use the plan lost 33 lbs and we able to maintain their weight.