Cosmetic Surgery For Your Double Chin

I have to admit that it is really hard coming to terms with the fact that you are looking at a double chin in the mirror every day, but is cosmetic surgery for double chin elimination that answer?

Certainly there is, shall we call it, a vibrant market serving the “get rid of the double chin” niche. And I have to say some offerings are more effective than others.

In this article I am going to try and distinguish between the good, the bad and the downright ugly in the elimination!

Learn the Cycle of Cause and Effect

Before you do anything, though, I think it’s important to try and pin down the cause of your double chin. I always believe if you understand the cause of something (no matter what that might be) it’s far easier to cure it. So just what is it?

Having said that if you are going to do this, you have to be honest with yourself. You know as well as I do, that, in your heart of hearts you will
probably know and understand the reasons why…if you think about a little!


So, how do you work out what’s causing your double chin?

Let’s ask some pretty basic questions.

Has you diet changed in any way? How good or poor is your diet? Is it likely your diet in contributing to your double chin?

Is there a history of double chins in your family? Is the rest of your body trim?

Are there any other changes you have made that may have contributed?

Have you stopped chewing gum? What?? I am serious. Chewing gum is a really good way to help avoid a double chin (obviously sugar free is better). If you are used to chewing gum and have stopped – that may be your cause. Amazing isn’t it?

So, do a little honest analysis and I’m willing to bet you will find out or understand the cause of your double chin. This will also help you to get rid of the double chin and practice prevention in future.

Cosmetic Surgery

I understand that everyone is after a quick solution for double chin removal these days. We live in an instant gratification society. It’s one of modern life’s problems if you ask me!

However, we’re not here to talk about my personal philosophy, so I’ll save that for another time, although I’m sure it’s one of the main reasons the Western economies are in such a….

Firstly, if you are considering having cosmetic surgery as a solution ask yourself if you have the money! It’s expensive. I’m not sure how much and it does depend on the clinic you go to, but be prepared to pay between $5-10,000, maybe more. And, I think if you employ cosmetic surgery it will be the first of many. I’ve said it in some of the other articles on this site, you won’t stop at the chin! You won’t! “Oh, I’ll just get the eyes done, maybe indent the cheeks a bit and take up the slack”. You inherently know this is true. Don’t delude yourself.

There are far better solutions for your pocket, your overall health and long term wellbeing and looks! YES, your looks. Just take a look at some of the celebrities who have had multiple cosmetic surgeries…particularly if you have any doubt as to where the phrase “plastic surgery” came from! They look plastic and I don’t want that for you. A natural solution is far better and you WILL look better for it long term.

So, it is my belief that you just do not need plastic surgery to cure your double chin. There are plenty of alternatives that are more effective and proper long term solutions.

Now there are also plenty of products on the market that claim to get rid of a double chin. Sorry, but again I am dubious. Certainly some of the stuff that is sold, particularly online, is not particularly effective. Again, I think these people play on your desire to get a quick fix for your problem. Let’s look at a couple of options.


Incredibly there are quite a few creams out there specifically for double chins. In fact I was quite surprised to find three pages worth of them on an Amazon search. Most of them are variations on the theme of skin firming and wrinkle reduction. Many are collagen based and some claim to enhance the neck muscles.

Now, whilst I believe that some skin products are good and have a benefit (goodness knows my wife has tried enough of them) can these products really CURE a double chin?

Now that is somewhat of a “how long’s a piece of string” question. It clearly depends on the extent of your double chin. So, again, you need to be honest with yourself here. Now I don’t intend to insult you, but if you’re weighing in at 20 stones and have 3 or 4 double chins, no amount of cream, no matter how effective, is going to get rid of the double chin – sorry.

However, if your skin is just slightly loose then a good cream may help “tighten it up” with regular use. It’s all about degrees of double chines!

For these creams to be marketed as a double chin solution is, in my opinion, sales puff. Yes, they can help if the chin is minor and in its early stages, but for an entrenched double chin of many years standing, then more vigorous action is certainly required!

This is definitely so if you’re looking for results that compare with the transformation of cosmetic surgery.

Chin Straps, Chin Supports Chin Massagers and Mechanical Devices

Again I was surprised to find a big market for double chin “devices” on Amazon! I found chin wraps, chin supports chin massagers and chin straps. I’m not sure if wraps and supports have much effect in all honesty, but I can see the benefit of a massager. We all like a massage every now and then, but any held held massage device will do. Again my wife has a small hand held battery massager (yes massager – what were you thinking?) that she uses and that does the job (along with all her unctions).

But…the issue is prevention here rather than cure.

So, yes the better ones of these sorts of products have their place, but…and here comes the kicker…

…you can’t beat proper diet, an exercise regime and keeping yourself in good health. If you are prone to putting on weight you are likely prone to a double chin, sorry but that’s life. There are specific exercises that will help you beat a double chin and maintain a good chinline. But even they won’t work if you’re eating trans fats by the bucket load and sitting in front of the T.V with a bucket of beer each night.

My guess is because you are here and have read this article you are serious about getting rid of your double chin. So, employ proper diet and exercise. Use some of the aids I have mentioned in this article and test and find out what works for you.

I won’t cover diet on this website – there is loads out there already and I wouldn’t tell you anything new! But there is an article on chin exercises for double chin which is linked here and I think you’ll find it helpful.

To sum up…don’t use cosmetic surgery for double chin elimination, it’s just not worth it in my opinion.