Cancer is The Thief

I’m Dori’s husband, JE, and I just wanted to vent for one minute:

The physical effects of cancer can be easy to see and measure. Hair falling out, getting sick, etc. These things happen when you have cancer and chemo, and really after a while they get to be manageable. It can also cost $$ to fight the war, but that too is something that you can deal with if you have a good plan. What I have found out about this war is that the thing that hurts the most is the theft of time. Cancer is stealing our time. In and out of hospitals, countless chemo sessions at 4-6 hours a pop, going to the doc for shots (sometimes for days at a time). This time adds up and it gets tough to deal with the loss of time. Time together, time to play with a growing son, time for family, church and for yourself. If you have seen “Changing Lanes” you will know what I mean when I say……..”Cancer, give me my time back! I don’t want money or anything else, just GIVE ME MY TIME BACK. Can you do that?”

I feel better now. -JE