Anteverted Uterus: Symptoms, Pictures and Meaning

It is a general implication that the real essence of becoming a woman is bearing a child. Having children is the completion of becoming a successful woman that is why it is important for almost everyone to have a healthy uterus. Some women may often get worried when hearing terms that are unfamiliar to them. These words may trigger panic and anxiety and might cause worries especially when it comes to the subject of fertility. Most, if not all, would dream to bear a child and so having a healthy womb is one of an essential task that a female can have. Having a healthy uterus will not only ensure pregnancy, but it will also indicate a healthy body.

The uterus is the female internal reproductive organ that has two primary functions. First of all, the uterus is there to ensure a healthy and regular menstruation. The ovaries produce the egg cells that passes the Fallopian tubes and into the uterus lining. The uterus lining would thicken the egg to make sure that they are fertilized properly. Now, if there are no sperm cells to fertilize these eggs, it will convert into the blood which results to the menstruation. You can think of the uterus as a storage which leads us to its second and most important function. The uterus is more commonly referred to as the womb. The womb is the storage of the developing egg, into a fetus and finally a baby. It serves as the child’s house during its development for nine months.

It is understandable to note that women often get worried when they hear unfamiliar terms surrounding their uterus. One of which is having an anteverted uterus.

An Overview

The anteverted uterus is just referred to as the term describe basing on the position of one’s womb. It is a definition for a uterus that is tilted more into the bladder more than usual cases. There are different organ positions that a woman may possess. These is a retroverted uterus, or wherein the womb is placed facing the rectum; and the vertical uterus.

What does it mean when the uterus is anteverted? The positioning of your womb is an anatomical development and is formed naturally, unless in severe cases. It does not imply anything life-threatening or even affect your daily living. Some females may get worried upon hearing the term tilted but it is imperative to remember that majority (75%) of women has an anteverted uterus.

What does it Look like (Pictures and Images)


Anteverted Comparing with Retroverted

Effects of an Anteverted Uterus

Differentiating an illness to an anteverted uterus is essential. You have to remember that it does not merit an illness.

  • Menstruation

Having a slightly tilted womb does not imply a painful menstruation. The blood flow should be healthy, and it should not create any discomfort for you at all. You should be able to experience a normal flow, but if you are having pain and irregular menstruation, it may be caused by another underlying condition. It is never advisable to self-diagnose, so it is important to consult your doctor.

  • Fertility

One of the greatest worries of having this kind of uterus is the fear of not being able to conceive. Another notion would be a risky and painful pregnancy. But these are all wrong. Possessing an anteverted uterus does not have anything to do with your ability to have a baby. Your egg cells will be protected just as the same, and there should be no discomfort during the period of pregnancy as well. If a soon to be mother experiences severe back pain or abdominal irritation, a trip to the doctor is advised.

  • Sexual Intercourse

It is imperative to note that the position of the uterus does not dictate the pain that you feel during sexual intercourse. You should be able to complete the activity without any pain and so if during the penetration, pain could be felt, seek a physician.

As mentioned, the uterus anteverted is a natural development and not an abnormality. You can change the position of your womb, but it does not merit you anything at all. You can still proceed with your daily life and conceive a child even without changing it. Of course, there are instances or medical conditions that may affect the uterus and would have the need for surgery. But these are rare cases, and a woman should not worry all too much.

In conclusion, Having got your uterus anteverted should not restrict you from any of your routines. It is simply how your body was formed. It should not create a significant impact in your life. So the next time that you see ‘anterverted’ as the description for your uterus do not panic and ask the doctor for further explanations. It is also important that we are aware of our body. So if you are experiencing any pain may it be in peeing, sexual intercourse or during menstruation, make sure to visit your trusted Gynecologist. They will be able to help you figure out the right steps to solve your dilemma.

Being a healthy and productive woman may be a meticulous and arduous task, but we have to remember that our body is what keeps us going, so we have to take part in taking care of it.