My background in health is mainly from being a mother of two girls for nearly 13 years, but I have an obsessive passion for it that fuels constant research into different herbs, natural remedies, and healthy eating. Just ask my dad…I annoy him with my constant details of what he SHOULD be eating and why what he IS eating is going to come back and bite him in the @ss one day.

Aside from my daily experience with nutrition and family, I also started a deeper journey into herbs by way of study. I am currently studying to be a Master Herbalist, but have a lot more to learn. So, although I’m no expert in the field, I’ve made tinctures, taken many herbs, and read more websites, articles and books on the topic than I can shake a stick at. I truly believe in the benefits of quality nutrition, natural therapies and remedies, which is why natural care, for both my house and family (and pets), has become a value in my home that I hope to pass on to my children….for their sakes and for the sake of our planet.