How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

Learning about pregnancy is a very special time for the mother. A woman’s body undergoes different changes to prepare for the birth, along with mental preparation as well. The woman’s comes to be known as pregnant when the fertilized egg embeds itself in the uterus and continues to grow there and when everything proceeds as

Hidden in Plain Sight – Upcoding

The very first charge on my doctor’s bill confounded me. The abbreviated description reads Tlso, anterior-posterior-lateral co What the hell is that supposed to mean? Whatever it was, it had to be important. The surgeon’s office had charged $2,500 for it—$2,730 with modifications. Okay, I know that anterior is front, posterior is rear, and lateral

Cosmetic Surgery For Your Double Chin

I have to admit that it is really hard coming to terms with the fact that you are looking at a double chin in the mirror every day, but is cosmetic surgery for double chin elimination that answer? Certainly there is, shall we call it, a vibrant market serving the “get rid of the double

How Will Laser Ingrown Hair Removal Treatment Affect Your Tattoo

You have a beautiful tattoo on your arm, but unfortunately the hair over there dilutes its magnificence. Hair removal is best in such a case, however laser hair removal isn’t a good idea. This is because the process creates trouble often leading to the tattoo removal also.  Seldom this treatment leads to fading and sometimes

Visual Implications Of Itchy Skin

If you suffer from itchy skin, you will know that if things get bad enough – a rash, or dry patch may eventually show up in the area where you scratched. Not only will this cause you discomfort – but it will also likely result in unsightly visible marks – if things get bad enough.

How long hemorrhoids last

There is no clear time frame about how long hemorrhoids last. Every case varies based on each individual and not every suffered can speed up healing or get cure with counter top medications. Hemorrhoid sufferers always ask this question, how long does hemorrhoid last. This is because they want to get relieved from the discomfort

How To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones – 4 Great Home Remedies

Just before I advise you on how to get rid of tonsil stones and tonsilloliths, it is really crucial for you to know what they are and what triggers them. This write-up talks about all of that and will provide you with some wonderful ideas on getting rid of tonsilloliths. So why don’t we get

Out in Public with COPD

Being diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can have a devastating affect on all aspects of your life including your social life. At first, you may not want to go out in public or socialize because of  your diagnosis. This is not a wise decision. Keeping yourself behind closed doors will only make you

Drug Testing: How Long does Marijuana Stay in urine

Many employers insist that their employees pass a drug test. And they are all to know the question How Long does Marijuana Stay in urine. This drug test shows if there is marijuana in urine of the person. The employers also have the right to test the employees at any time during the employment. Most

What Causes Smelly Urine?

The healthy person has urine that smells almost nothing. If you notice that your urine or that of a family member is smelly, it might be due to certain medications or foods. Such conditions are not harmful but if the unpleasant smell is persistent, it can be a sign of an underlying health condition or